Dr. Nitin Gupta

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Dr. Nitin Gupta

Consultant Radiologist & Fetal Medicine Specialist
Dr. Nitin Gupta stands at the forefront of Reproductive and Fetal Imaging, with a profound focus on both invasive and non-invasive techniques. His extensive expertise is exemplified by the successful scanning of over 100,000 fetuses, showcasing a deep commitment to advancing the field and ensuring comprehensive prenatal care. Dr. Gupta is renowned for his proficiency in advanced fetal and reproductive imaging, employing state-of-the-art technologies to provide unparalleled diagnostic insights. His specialization extends to invasive fetal procedures, positioning him as an expert in the field, with particular acclaim for being among the select few Indian doctors performing Trans-cervical Chorionic Villus Sampling (CVS).

Dr. Nitin Gupta's contributions to the medical community are not only seen in his clinical practice but also through his impactful presence in academic and professional circles. Having delivered more than 50 lectures at various national and international conferences, he actively shares his knowledge and insights with peers and aspiring professionals. Driven by a passion for advancing reproductive and fetal imaging, Dr. Gupta's dedication and proficiency make him a valuable asset in the realm of women's health and prenatal care.
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